Woodland Friends Double-Sided Banner

Woodland Friends Double-Sided Banner

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Make a cheerful statement with the Woodland Friends Banner! This versatile 2-sided banner features a different message on each side—Side 1: "Welcome" and Side 2: "Learning Is an Adventure." It can be used during back-to-school to welcome students and parents then flipped over for a positive, motivational message the rest of the school year.

The inspiring messages and nature-themed woodland design make this banner perfect to use in so many places—the classroom, school hallway, church, daycare, and more! The fully assembled banner measures over 3 feet wide!

Side 1 Design: "Welcome" with a birch tree and leaves, a squirrel, an owl, a raccoon, a bear, a hedgehog, and toadstools.
Side 2 Design: "Learning Is an Adventure" with a squirrel carrying a backpack, a fox holding a map, and a hedgehog with a compass. Also features green background with accents of woodland leaves, branches, toadstools, and acorns.

  • 2-sided
  • 39" x 8"

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