8 weeks worth of reading, writing, math, and just plain fun!

Summertime Learning, Second Edition (Prep. for Gr. 4)

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Here’s the question parents ask at the end of every school year: How can we help our kids prepare for the next school year while allowing them to enjoy their summer vacation? Here’s the perfect answer: quick activities presented in an organized daily schedule for 8 weeks. These activities have been crafted to help kids (by reinforcing the skills they have just learned and introducing the ones they’re about to learn) and parents (by offering easy-to-understand instructions and easy-to-check answer keys). All books focus on math, reading, and writing, while Grades 7 & 8 incorporate science, social studies, and test practice. Books for Grades PreK–6 include over 300 stickers that can be used to track progress and reward good work.

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