SW Sound

SW Sound

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For ages 8 and up
Includes a 48-page science book with materials

Build 20 different projects to explore sound vibrations!

  • Build a working Edison-style phonograph
  • Record and play back your own sound recordings
  • Vibrate your vocal cords and visualize your voice print
  • Measure sound with a decibel meter
  • Use an audiometer to test your hearing
  • Hear and transmit sounds many adults cannot hear
  • Make a kazoo and a banjo
  • Play a tune on water glasses
  • Play the sound location game
  • Transmit sounds through solids, liquids and gases
  • Determine if sound waves travel through a vacuum
  • Use a slinky to model sound waves
  • Bounce, absorb and amplify sound waves
  • Listen to your heart beat and explore how your ear works
  • Discover whether fish have ears, what dogs can hear and how dolphins, whales and bats use sound
  • Spin a sound tube to Doppler shift sound

Requires three AA batteries

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