Smart Start: Read and Write, Grade K

Smart Start: Read and Write, Grade K

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Help your child become a reader and writer with Smart Start: Read and Write! Developed by teachers, the colorful activities provide the perfect combination of fun and practice to give your child the foundation needed for academic success.

The kindergarten Smart Start: Read and Write workbook helps your child connect letters to beginning and ending sounds, print upper- and lowercase letters, read simple sentences, and practice story comprehension skills

Accelerate your child’s reading progress: 20 easy-to-follow weekly lessons build alphabet awareness and develop reading readiness skills.
Creative and fun lessons: Keep your child entertained while learning.
Reward stickers: Motivate your child to complete the activities.
Audio stories: Provide an option to listen to the audio story with your child.

The activity book is organized into weekly lessons around story themes such as “Bear Cub Cave” and “Pete Sheep.” Activities focus on beginning and ending letter sounds in simple words.

Every themed unit follows a similar format and includes:

Alphabet stories: Focus on one letter sound and alphabet character and include an audio read-aloud option.
Listen for It! activities: Focus on identifying beginning and ending letter sounds.
Read It! activities: Provide reading practice around the sound of the week and reading simple sentences.
Let’s Review! activities: This simple review activity helps you evaluate your child’s understanding of each alphabet letter and beginning sound.
I Know It! activities: Provides review activities that practice beginning and ending sounds, writing letters, and reading simple sentences.
Beginning and Ending Sound Game! activities: This fun card game helps your child match beginning and ending sounds.

Practice important kindergarten skills in Smart Start: Read and Write, such as:

Writing uppercase and lowercase letters and beginning words
Identifying beginning and ending sounds
Visual discrimination
Following directions
Fine motor skills

Includes answer key.

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