Science Lessons and Investigations, Grade 3

Science Lessons and Investigations, Grade 3

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Inspire students to explore real-world science topics with Science Lessons and Investigations! The 12 robust science units present important science concepts, supporting Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in life, earth, and physical science.

Each unit guides students in exploring a science concept following the 5E model: Engage, Explore, Explain, Evaluate, and Extend. The variety of activities helps to build on students’ prior knowledge and experience and helps them apply their understanding of the science concept in a creative way.

Science Lessons and Investigations provides you with teaching support and comprehensive science units that include:

Concept engagement activity that sparks students’ interest and engages prior knowledge by introducing each topic with questions and discussion. (Engage)
Exploration activity that helps students explore the concept through hands-on investigation. (Explore)
Reading selections, real-life visuals, and vocabulary review to help students develop understanding. (Explain)
Comprehension activities incorporating higher-order thinking to help students show and apply what they have learned. (Evaluate)
Writing prompts and hands-on activities* to help students apply and extend their understanding. (Extend)

*The hands-on activities may include science experiments, STEM challenges, art projects, or other cross-curricular activities.

Topics covered in Science Lessons and Investigations grade 3 include:

Life Science

Plant and Animal Life Cycles
Nature and Nurture
Organisms in a Changing Environment
Group and Social Behavior
Fossils of Ancestors

Earth Science

Natural Processes and Hazards

Physical Science

Changes in Movement
Predicting Motion from Patterns
Magnetic Forces

Includes answer key for vocabulary and comprehension activities. Ideal for the classroom and homeschooling.

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