Science Lessons and Investigations, Grade 1

Science Lessons and Investigations, Grade 1

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Science Lessons and Investigations presents science learning through in-depth investigation and observation, supporting Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in life, earth, and physical science. Each comprehensive unit includes a hands-on engagement activity to allow students to explore and investigate science concepts.

The 14 science units build upon prior knowledge and experience and allow students to apply their understanding in a variety of ways. Each unit guides students through exploring the science concept and includes hands-on, cross-curricular activities to extend learning.

This robust teaching resource gives you everything you need, including:

Teacher support pages and an answer key
Unit concept page to guide discussion
Vocabulary/Words to know
Reading selections with real-life visual examples
Comprehension and vocabulary activities
“ I wonder” and/or research and write writing prompts
Hands-on science investigation that may include science experiments, STEM challenges, observations, art projects, and other creative cross-curricular activities

*Hands-on science investigations include experiments, STEM challenges, observations, art projects, and other cross-curricular projects to enhance learning. Delete this?

Topics covered in Science Lessons and Investigations grade 1 include:

Life Science

How Do Animals Use Their Body Parts?
What Parts Do Plants Have and What Do They Do?
How Do Body Parts Help Animals Grow and Survive?
Do Animals Have Babies?
Do Plants Have Babies?
Are Young Animals and Plants Exactly Like Their Parents?
Do Animals from the Same Species Always Look the Same?
Do All Roses Look the Same?

Earth Science

Can We Predict Patterns for the Sun, Moon, and Stars?
Can We Predict the Pattern of the Seasons?

Physical Science

What Happens When Materials Vibrate?
What Happens When There Is No Light?
Where Do Shadows Come From?
How Do We Communicate Over Long Distances?

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