Personal Space Desk Divider

Personal Space Desk Divider

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■ Perfect social distancing solution for classroom or office use

■ Made of #5 Polypropylene (PP), the safest of all plastics. PP is a robust plastic that is heat resistant and recyclable

■ Easily reposition when necessary, no drilling into work space needed

■ Snap together assembly

■ Washable dividers are transparent and will not obstruct your view

■ Optional feet made of recyclable polypropylene (PP) available separately 

 Small- PreK/Elementary: 18.5˝ W x 14˝ H x 9.5˝ D

Large- MS/HS: 23.6˝ W x 18.9˝ H x 11.8˝ D


**For bulk discount pricing of more than 36, please contact us directly.

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