The Spell-and-Learn Game for Kids and Adults. SpellChecked is the game that gives every level of speller a chance to learn...and win!

SpellChecked Card Game

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SpellChecked is a card game everyone will enjoy. Players of all ages can practice and improve their spelling and their recognition of spelling patterns in words. Players are shown an image and the first letter of the word, and then they are asked to spell the word correctly. Players earn points for naming the image and spelling it correctly. If they can’t spell the word correctly, they can earn points for choosing from three options, only one of which is spelled correctly. There’s the option of playing decks with more challenging words, so players of all capabilities can compete against one another and everyone has a chance to win. Includes an instruction sheet and 208 full-color cards: 200 spelling cards and 8 SpellChecker cards.

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