Ecosystems Topper

Ecosystems Topper

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The Ecosystems Whiteboard Topper focuses on the food chain and highlights related academic vocabulary: producers, primary consumers, secondary consumers, tertiary consumers, decomposers, and types of consumers. Each vocabulary word is accompanied by a photo of an everyday object that students can easily identify with.

This 8-foot-long whiteboard topper features vivid, engaging photography alongside easy-to-read text to capture students' attention, reinforce instruction, and foster learning. The topper helps bring science content to life and create a stimulating, standards-based classroom environment.

Designed to hang above a whiteboard or bulletin board, it can also be hung in a hallway, in the library, or anywhere students study.

Perfect for elementary school GATE programs, plus middle school and high school classrooms.

  • The fully assembled topper measures 8 feet!
  • Dimensions: 96" x 8¾" high

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