Designer Cut-Outs, Gears, 6"

Designer Cut-Outs, Gears, 6"

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These Gears 6" Cut-Outs include gears in a variety of colors and sizes and are perfect for any science, math, engineering, industrial arts, or technology display. Perfect for desk and cubby tags, classroom labels, STEM/STEAM bulletin board accents, art projects, and more! Great for makerspace, science fair projects (especially for simple machines projects), and STEM classrooms!

  • 36 pieces total
  • 6 each of 4 large individual gears (turquoise, blue, green, red), approximately 6"
  • 6 each of mixed sizes gear set: one large and small gear (blue and red), approximately 6"
  • 6 each of small gear set: three small gears (green, turquoise, purple), approximately 6"

These cut-outs are great as accents on bulletin boards, in classrooms, in hallways, around offices, and in common areas! Use cut-outs in craft projects, to display photos and student work, or for making covers for books. Cut-outs are perfect for classroom organization, labeling book bins, cubby tags, and more!

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