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Our top-quality Special Needs products are designed to serve children of all abilities. therapy, exercise and special education products for children with special needs.

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Sensory Shapes

This set of stones offers children the opportunity to extend their understanding of shape. The ridged and smooth surfaces off...
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Sensory Stones

These large stones are designed to enable children to have sensory experiences by experimenting with the raised and indented ...
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TheraSnow is a sodium salt of polyacrylic acid with the ability to absorb 200-300 times its mass in water! TheraSnow is a non...
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TheraSand offers one of the most unique sensory experiences on the therapeutic market. Squeezing the sand through your hands ...
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The perfect mindless fiddle! Endlessly flip the bright curved pieces around the duel axes of the rings.
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The fidget toy that twists, spins and rotates! Focus your floating attention with the only gyroscope inspired fidget.
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Sensory Rice

Engage the senses with this brightly colored, fabulously textured rice! Kids will love the texture and be delighted by the si...
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Jumbo Sand Tray

Your students will love tracing letters and whole words in our new jumbo-sized sand tray! It’s also the perfect setting for a...
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Manimo™ Snake

Slightly lighter than the others, the weighted snake is usually placed around the neck and on the shoulders. This manimo twis...
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Manimo™ Frog

Enveloping and comforting, the weighted frog can be placed on thighs or chest while the child is in a prone or semi-seated po...
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Manimo™ Lizard

The weighted lizard is usually placed around the neck or on thighs. The large paws envelop the child, providing a sense of co...