Music in educational are both entertaining, and informative. Research shows that children learn better through music than through almost any other medium.
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Remo® Hand Drum

This instrument was created specifically for Westco by Remo. It is an 8″ Renaissance style hand drum, with a unique graphic a...
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A must-have musical sound effect for the classroom or home! Tilt the rainstick up and down to hear rainfall. Vary the angle t...
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Global Travel Kit

Take your music with you! Head on the road with these unique instruments in a brightly colored, easy to carry bag designed to...
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Medium Guiro

Hand made in Mexico, no two guiros look or sound exactly alike! Guiros are an essential percussion instrument, and are played...
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Agogo Bell

This Agogo Bell has two differently pitched bells with a great high-low sound. Played with the included mallet, the Agogo Be...