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Sorting Stones

Explore color, shape and pattern! Each durable stone measures 1 1⁄2" and has a colorful bug character engraved on one side. S...
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Number Pebbles

Number Bonds to 10 Ideal for introducing number concepts, sorting and developing early counting skills. Cast from a unique st...
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Develop a nimble mind by computing basic multiplication facts or by breaking products down into factors and possibly prime fa...
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Where's Wilma?

Graphing in the Four Quadrants. Wilma outdoes Wilson! She finds places to hide in all four quadrants. Players match her myste...
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Where's Wilson?

Graphing in the First Quadrant. Wilson takes pleasure hiding in various locations in the first quadrant. Players match hidin...
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Clock Wise

Clock Wise provides playful practice in telling time to five-minute intervals. Players match an analog clock with the time it...
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More Domino Math

Revised and expanded to offer 66 brain-tickling addition, multiplication, and division investigations, a follow-up to Domino ...
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Domino Math

Improved and expanded with an additional 29 pages, these carefully constructed activities, teach students to count, add, subt...
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Fraction Dominoes

Enliven the day with Fraction Dominoes! This popular game is now enriched with new content to make it even more powerful! Six...
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Digit Detective

Strengthen place value understanding with these three fast-moving games! Adapt to learner needs by choosing among three level...